How to Make a Love Letter They’ll Keep Forever

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There is one love letter that I still keep. One, though some others came along. It’s inside my old diary from the time that received it. I open the letter once or twice in a blue moon. Reading it always brings a huge smile to my face. The penmanship is outstanding… for an eleven years old.


Things to Consider When Lettering Wedding Vows

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Lettering Your Own Vow / Writing a Love Letter in Calligraphy

So maybe your first anniversary is coming up, and you want to stick to the tradition of gifting paper for your ‘the one’? Maybe you’re well into your marriage years, and decided that a kind of ‘vow renewal’ is due? Or you just want something romantic and beautiful to hang on your bedroom wall, or even just practice your calligraphy with this project? Well, something hand-lettered is always special. Here are some things you might want to consider when making your own hand lettered vow.

Carolingian Final Thoughts

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6 Months Later and One Hand instead of Three

I had just been on a practice frenzy last week – finishing my last Carolingian drills by doing them twice a day when I could. On my last post I planned to finish learning 3 hands in 6 months, but sadly, it didn’t happen. I only ended up finishing one, even with the drills cut in half, and only just started on the Gothic exercises.