How to Make Simple Modern Calligraphy Quote Art Piece

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So, you’ve got a calligraphy hand under your belt, and now it’s time to venture out to make art pieces. Myself, I often make numerous inward excuses to not make one, and am rarely confident in the attempts, but let us do it anyway. Modern calligraphy, I call it, because we will bend the rules a little but and use no guideline, okay?


Printable Copperplate Calligraphy Practice Guidelines Sheet PDF Download – FREE

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I learn from the book: Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters. These guides are for learning from that book! If you haven’t got it, read my review here. All with 1/4 inch x-height perfect for first-timers, like me. I like to divide ascender and descenders practice to save paper, ink, and space. Read somewhere that the green colour is good for tired eyes – plus: the black ink stands out more. I use 100 GSM A4 paper. Do not scale when you print, use actual size. Enjoy!

Copperplate complete

Copperplate ascender

Copperplate descender

Copperplate flat-x

Writing smaller:

Copperplate at 87 percent

Copperplate at 75 percent

Copperplate at 66 percent

Copperplate at 50 percent

Writing bigger:

Copperplate at 112 percent

Copperplate at 125 percent

A free option is the interactive Script in the Copperplate Style (Pointed Pen Calligraphy) by Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo on Apple Books, but you’d need different guidelines from this one.

Check out my 5-minutes-each letter practice videos on Youtube

P.S. Swipe some A to Z: Word Lists and Pangrams for Practising Calligraphy here! PLUS: discover search bar and categories by clicking the + plus sign at the very bottom of the page! ↓



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printable copperplate guideline

P.S. Hi fellow calligraphers! I’m crafting a basic Copperplate calligraphy course. It will be an online video course, but I might open private additional live classes if there is interest. When I have the beginning prepared, I’m planning to open the class for free preview to get your feedback. Please fill in this form to get notified! S.