Sicilia doesn’t like writing about herself, but does it anyway lest anyone else gets it wrong, or worse – right.

She is a Visual Communication Design graduate and has been known to work as a Graphic Designer.

Her interest in calligraphy stems from looking at a plethora of charming modern calligraphy in the net world. She thought that it looks easy enough and there was easy money to be made there.

Then it hits her that she likes making invisible marks with her finger for as long as she can remember. Sicilia takes this as a sign that she was supposed to learn calligraphy all along.

What started as a casual, possibly profitable fling turns into the beginning of a lifetime devotion. She starts teaching herself calligraphy by browsing the net, reading books, and blogging about it.

She is chattier in writing than in person, so don’t get your hopes up if you happen to meet her.

Sicilia is based in Surabaya.

Check out her:


Youtube Channel


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