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I learn from the book: CALLIGRAPHY: TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR THE CONTEMPORARY PRACTITIONER BY GAYE GODFREY-NICHOLLS (this is really the same book as Mastering Calligraphy: The Complete Guide to Hand Lettering). These guidelines are for learning with that book! Read my book review here.

I like to divide ascender and descenders practice to save paper, ink, and space. I use 100 GSM A4 paper. Do not scale when you print, use actual size. Enjoy!

Italic complete

Italic ascender and majuscules

Italic descender

Italic flat-x

Writing smaller:

Italic with 2mm pen width

P.S. Swipe some A to Z: Word Lists and Pangrams for Practising Calligraphy here! PLUS: discover search bar and categories by clicking the + plus sign at the very bottom of the page! ↓



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