Carolingian Final Thoughts

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6 Months Later and One Hand instead of Three

I had just been on a practice frenzy last week – finishing my last Carolingian drills by doing them twice a day when I could. On my last post I planned to finish learning 3 hands in 6 months, but sadly, it didn’t happen. I only ended up finishing one, even with the drills cut in half, and only just started on the Gothic exercises.

I have become accustomed to seeing and writing the flattened letters, that my Uncial and Foundational practice pages seem so large by comparison. In fact, now I can hardly see that it’s ‘flattened’ at all. One of the most difficult letter to practice is of course the s, with so many things happening inside the small x-height space. But I did welcome the opportunity to practise the modified Roman as Carolingian’s majuscules as it’s like being reminded on and practising Roman Capitals as well.

Also: I had a considerable pause between sessions (days and days) and realised that fresh ink makes all the difference, maybe especially on practising. I can’t expect to make smooth strokes when the ink is cloggy from sitting in a jar too long. Besides, fresh ink saves much time as I don’t need to reload as often.


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