Is Learning Calligraphy Expensive?

calligraphy, supplies, thoughts

Like all hobbies, calligraphy can be as expensive as it gets. There’s no end to calligraphic paraphenalia. Premium holders, vintage nibs, even paper and ink can cost you quite a bit. But it doesn’t have to… does it?

Relatively, it doesn’t take much to get started in calligraphy, but once you do, it could be very easy to get carried away. (And my, am I not the worst hoarder!) Of course, it’s not a problem if you earnestly can afford it, but when it comes to the privilege of keeping hobbies, I daresay we all nurse too soft a spot.

I myself try to rein myself in in terms of tools, although I complain all the time in my head (something along the lines of I need this tool to create that effect – that’s just fear making excuses). I guess I’m just in love with the possibilities of new tools, but really, utilising whatever tools we have is another matter. It still comes down to skill and willingness to be open to creativity. Again, nibs do not a calligrapher make. And as much as possible, I do try to make do with whatever I have and keep myself quite stingy about it.

If you think you can’t afford some pricey tool, don’t let that stop you from learning. Try to spend at least twice as much time practising more than drooling on the things you think you can’t live without. I know it’s easier said than done, but push yourself to make use of anything you’ve got. If you must spend some money, do a proper research and practice ‘buy less, choose well’ philosophy. Maybe read this post I wrote about which calligraphy set you should buy.



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