Write It Down Now

calligraphy, thoughts

Don’t wait until you can Copperplate.

If you have the slightest inclination to learn to write beautifully, you might have experienced this. You have a thought – a lovely thing you would like to write, maybe as a letter to someone, an idea, or just a quote you resonate with – and you go, this would look so good in Copperplate (or Spencerian, or whatever). And then you didn’t send that letter. You didn’t write that inspiring quote down. Because you think it wouldn’t be as precious if written in your handwriting, you would wait until you have mastered your dream hand.

To which I say, please don’t. Do not wait until you have mastered your dream hand to say what you’ve been meaning to say. Write it down now, and send it as soon as possible. A beautiful writing is indeed, beautiful, but that’s all it is. It is secondary to meaningfulness. It may enhance or accentuate meaning, if it is present, but without it – it’s just practice. And you don’t want to send practice sheets to your friend when you are hoped to send news, just like Jane did. Of course, if you know that she will appreciate it, i. e. she’s also learning calligraphy, or in an exchange – those are some exceptions.

Rather than focusing on decoration, it is way more important that your thought is delivered – jotted down for safekeeping. Realise how invaluable they are, regardless of the manner they’re written. In any case, you can always rewrite it more ornately in the future, should you wish it.



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