Calligraphy Workshop: Michael Sull in Jakarta

calligraphy, workshop

To book yourself a seat, go to C for Calligraphy shop now! The event is in April but there are only a few seats left.

If this is not once in a lifetime opportunity (I hope it is not), it’s certainly very rare! Countless conspiracies of the universe must be in effect for something like this to happen. Let’s just say that a couple of years ago, I didn’t know who Michael Sull is. But thanks to the growth of lettering and calligraphy interest that reaches Indonesia, he’s practically a superstar! To us lettering fans, anyhow. And thanks to C for Calligraphy, he’s coming to Jakarta!

I realise that one can barely grasp a hand in one or two classes, but my, will you get a head start when a master is teaching you! I imagine just by watching him write you will download an exaggerating amount of data. Sigh sigh sigh.



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