Why I’m Not a Big Fan of Brush Pen


There was a time when I have a bag full off fancy coloured pens: glitter, neon, in all brands – and not even artist’s ones. Those days are gone.

My unfortunate first experience with (cheap) brush pens notwithstanding, there are a couple of reason why I’m not big with brush pens and markers now. I bought those two out of curiosity, but I’m not likely to fill up another drawer with them. Why?

Number one, brush pens are expensive. Of course this is reasonable for all their practicality, because they’re tool and medium combined – you don’t even need water. For me, I’d rather spend on a regular brush and a bottle of long lasting ink. Much more economical.

Secondly, they take enormous space, at least if you want a handful of colours. You can create almost any colour with one set of medium, but with brush pens, you’ll have to buy one for every single colour. To be sure, it’s practical in a way that you don’t need to mix it every time.

For me, I like the possibilities of a plain, good brush and plain tubed medium. ‘Tools do not an artist make’, so it shouldn’t matter how well you express yourself in lettering or art, but I like the way traditional tools do make me feel like a real artist. Guess I’m kind of old school.



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