Calligraphy Travel Destination: Edward Johnston Exhibition

calligraphy, travel destination

It’s a good day to be at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, Ditchling, UK. Fellow letterers will appreciate manuscripts and drawings by the one and only Edward Johnston himself – exhibited at the museum until September 11th 2016. Fitting, since he once lived in Ditchling.

Edward Johnston is regarded as one of the father of contemporary calligraphy. If this doesn’t ring any bell yet: the bloke created Foundational hand. It might not be too apparent, but the London ‘underground’ type is said to have Roman capitals proportions. Something the master surely had in mind when designing it, despite the strikingly modern effects his students were complaining about.


Do use the hashtags I formulated below to spread the word about happening (or historical) calligraphy travel destinations all over the globe.

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