Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters – Book Review

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For a lot of people, this is the go-to book for learning Copperplate. It’s first published in 1989, but has been reprinted more than once ever since. I can only imagine being one of Eleanor’s students at that time. If Copperplate is the first calligraphic hand you want to learn, you can do it with this book’s help.

Dedicated to one single hand, this book really goes into the details of how to get started and gets you all the way through project how-tos. It talks about how to hold your pen, create guide sheets, choosing paper, ink, and pen. The way the author wrote about how to practice truly shows her experience as a teacher.

What’s really great about this book though – besides the author’s appearing charming personality – is the way she explains how each letter should (and shouldn’t) be formed in detail. It is also described how each letter connects to another. Lastly, you can also learn the fundamentals of applying Copperplate in writing a simple quote, paragraph, addressing envelopes, etc.

I haven’t practiced Copperplate from this book yet, but I really enjoy reading it. Being black and white, you won’t find any coloured calligraphic artwork here, but it does make you appreciate the grace letterforms could make by themselves.


P.S. If you’re learning from this book, I’ve got free printable guidelines for you.


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