Nib Review: Speedball C-Style Calligraphy Set

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Here’s what you’ll get if you buy Speedball C-Style Calligraphy Set.

Broad edge nibs are a kind of rarity here where I’m around, so when I saw the local store sold a range of Speedball, I got myself the C-Set. I have not used these nibs till this day, so this is just a closer look of what’s inside.

The Brand

It’s not about the tools, but the hand that creates. Despite the ‘Industry Leader’ claim on the packaging, though, Speedball is usually regarded as the ‘humble’ nib. As in, it’s pretty much ‘standard’ quality and priced accordingly. So this might be a great choice if you’re just starting. Helpfully, there’s some hands listed under the heading that may be created with the nibs.

The Product

With this set come one standard black nib holder (plastic) and 6 broad edged nibs with top-mounted reservoirs. As the numbering ascends, the pen width decreases. There is an ‘instruction’ booklet, but I doubt one can take their calligraphy very far with it. The packaging says ‘Handcrafted in the USA’, but the holder clearly says ‘Made in China’, so they must mean the nibs only.

To better select your first calligraphy tools, check out this post!



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