Nib Review: Mitchell No. 1


Ah, the Mitchell – the first broad edged nib that I tried and liked. To my surprise, board edged nibs are also split in the middle, though applying pressure wouldn’t produce a thicker stroke like pointed nibs do. So I guess the purpose is to make ink flow.

I haven’t tried another broad edge nib other than this, so I cannot make comparisons. I didn’t get an ink reservoir, so I have to load ink after every stroke, but the ink flow works good for me. I think this nib is pretty flexible – it really doesn’t take much pressure to draw a stroke. Sometimes I do run out of ink in the middle of a long stroke, so I should be particular about loading more ink beforehand. But if I want to produce think strokes or hairlines, loading the least amount of ink may help with that. I might also reduce excess ink by scratching on scrap paper.

All in all, this nib produces strokes the way I want them, and that’s what makes a good nib for me!



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