Learning Roman Capitals – A Halfway Confession

calligraphy, thoughts, traditional-calligraphy

So by my calculations, I’ve decided to do 5 sets of the alphabet for nib practice. After 12 hours, I’m still in the middle of the second group.

I considered doing 10 sets like the skeletons, but figured with ink loading and everything, I’d sooner start practising words and pangrams. At this point, I admit I’ve been wondering whether I should just do 3 sets instead, but I know it’s no good. My letters aren’t even correct yet, and I barely remember how to do them correctly. I know I’ll be decent with 5. It happened with the first group.

However I calculate it, I know it’s going to take a. long. time. to learn this. But sometimes I do think, ‘I can’t even write something with an ‘M’ in it yet ’, and it’s a bit of a let-down. And I’m still learning the letters, so not to mention doing a finished piece or even writing a paragraph. At these moments, I do experience the familiar need for speed, but I try to remind myself to slow down, be patient, and try to enjoy the process.

I shall keep going – I’m really curious how many hours I will spend till I reach my goal. I’m thinking about reducing it for the next hand though, but maybe I shouldn’t. If you’re learning too, I do hope by sharing not only the ups but also these down moments, you might feel that we’re on the same boat and also keep on rowing.



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