Intermezzo: On Warming Up and Tracking Your Progress

calligraphy, thoughts

Here are a couple of extra tips that might help during your calligraphy journey.

The first one, from the book that I’m learning from at the moment, is to warm up 15 minutes before every practice session, no matter your mastery level. Not only is this suggestion useful for loosening up your muscles, it settles you down and prepare your mind for practice. On stolen hours before the start of the day or at the end of one, our mind can be full of anything that is not calligraphy. So this 15 minutes gives you time to tune in, fills your mind with it and brings you gently to focus.

The second is to track your progress. Sometimes (well, often) I think how long before I’m capable of this hand? This kind of thinking literally goes nowhere without the action of conscious practising. So I decided to write down and take note of the date everytime I complete a dedicated practice session. This way, I know how long it was before my last practice, how many sessions I need to do before I should get the hang of it, and if I’m falling behind and need to practice more often. It also gives me something to look back on, because every session well done is also a rewarding accomplishment.

Have you any tips you discovered on your journey learning calligraphy? Do share in replies!



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