Ordering Calligraphy Books from Periplus.com

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One of the ways you can learn calligraphy is through books. Here I review my experience ordering calligraphy books from Periplus Online. You might be able to find its brick and mortar store near you, but they don’t seem to stock calligraphy books there, so we’ll have to order it online.


With more than 20 million titles, periplus.com is my go-to source for imported books. Upon my comparing, Periplus seems to have the lowest price overall. Occasionally they would hold promotions like cashback and lucky draw, but they don’t work for me, so I don’t expect much. Some notable titles include:


The site is well designed, making the order process pretty straightforward. You just have to provide an email to make an account. They have many payment options, including bank transfer. You will also have shipping options, some with tracking system. Once you confirm your order you’re supposed to receive a confirmation email, but I don’t get them somehow. Unfortunately my account seems to have a glitch, but thankfully the order is processed fine. After that is wait, wait, wait, staring at the post box.


Finally, the long awaited book arrived! Most calligraphy books are not available in stock, that is, they will import them once you order. So your book will arrive at your doorstep considerably later than in-stock books, about 15 business days, or roughly a calendar month in my experience. Their packaging means business, really sturdy and hold your beloved book in respectful regard. I don’t take for granted that the right item is delivered, either. The book is covered in plastic, and tightly bound with cardboard, so there’s no need for bubble wrap. Except for a slight bend at the corner of my Mastering Copperplate, the book mostly arrive in pristine conditions. Twice I got a Periplus gimmick pen in the package.

(+) Good range, low price, easy order, on-time delivery, correct item, sturdy packaging

(-) Questionable email, promotions, and customer service system

Where do you usually get your calligraphy books? Have you ordered books from Periplus Online? Share your thoughts!



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