Where to Buy Calligraphy Supplies in Surabaya

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Thanks to the blooming interest in lettering and calligraphy, more stores are helping to reduce the scarcity of calligraphy supplies in Surabaya. Hopefully this keeps up, and soon, a well-stocked, wide variety of nibs (and pen holders, and inks, and papers) will only be steps away.

When I say Calligraphy Supplies, I mean pen nibs and holders, primarily. They can quite cost you, so make sure you know what you need before you buy.

Local Stores

A local TGA store (*cough* Galaxy Mall!) has been seen offering Winsor & Newton Complete Calligraphy Set (pictured above) and William Mitchell Calligraphy and Drawing Pens. Caution, they’re a tad pricey, at about IDR 400k a set.

Gading Murni is supposed to sell Kuretake Calligraphy Set. I haven’t had the chance to check out their physical store, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be always in-stock. Only very recently they announced the establishment of Leeven and Co. , part of their group which specialises in Japanese Art & Stationery supplies. Hopefully there will be more ready stock calligraphy-specific products in the future.

Artland, originally from Jakarta, has now opened in Surabaya Town Square and is a very welcome addition to art store family in Surabaya. They sell… (brace yourselves…) the infamous Speedball calligraphy sets and Dr.Ph.Martin inks! Truly, this part of their store is something I never thought I’d see in Surabaya.

You can always find brushes, watercolour paints and drawing paper/books at any stationery-/book- stores near you. But if you, like me, think affordable art stores are treasure troves, check out Indowarna at Kendangsari.

Where do you buy your calligraphy supplies in Surabaya? Please share in comments.

For online shops and mail orders, please refer to my resources page.



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