Why Calligraphy


Hullo! My name is Sicilia, and I’d like to start this blog by answering the (kinda) big question – the foundation of all my endeavours here: why calligraphy?

Why learn it, why use it, why look at it at all? The number one reason, of course, is because it’s beautiful. Calligraphy is just the epitome of hand writing. But you don’t have to have good hand writing to be able to excel at calligraphy, because in calligraphy, you’re basically drawing letters. Anything you can write, you can enhance by drawing it in calligraphy.

Reason number two: truth is, it just makes people feel special if they received something hand made, or in this case, handwritten. When many things in this world are computerised, automated, and tagged, it’s always something else when you receive an old wordly handwritten letter addressed to you. It displays care and attention, and for a moment time actually slows down as you give attention to the human made detail.

Lastly, imperfections are beautiful. Calligraphy created by hand has an earthy, organic feel that never fails to surprise. When pen glides on paper with endless possibilities, that’s one thing a computer font cannot duplicate.



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